My pursuit to live an artistic life has gifted me with a constant state of flux.  From coast to coast, I have taught, created, and learned further about the different facets of theatre and how it enhances our lives and communities.  From the process to the product, a full-sensorial experience moves both audience and practitioners emotionally.  It has the amazing ability to bring individuals into communities, and indeed closer to themselves.  In a time where we are constantly separated by our everyday elements, the collaboration required for theatre has become vital for our health and happiness.
  I am interested in contemporary work; how its subject matter, development, and presentation of, keeps up with our constantly transforming culture.   I am especially interested in movement and the physicalization of emotion.
Being both a theatrical and visual artist, I am fascinated by cross disciplinary projects.   I have taught at colleges all over the country and actively work as a freelance performer, playwright, photographer, and educator. 

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